Friday 29 August 2008

Characters in Holes:

Stanley Yelnats (IV) - main character, overweight, accused of stealing shoes

X-Ray - camper, mean

Zig-Zag - camper

Barf Bag - former camper, ill

Zero - camper, no real name

Madame Zeroni - gypsy, cursed Elya

Mr. Sir - mean guard, eats sunflower seeds

Mr. Pendanski - camp counselor, not too bad

Squid - camper

Armpit - camper

Derek Dunne - bullied Stanley at school

Big Thumb -

The guard/bus driver - brought Stanley to camp

Sarah Miller - Elya's wife in America

Igor Barkov - competed with Elya

Elya Yelnats - "Dirty-rotten-no-good-pig-stealing-great great-grandfather"

Warden -

Myra Menke - Elya's first love

Kissin' Kate Barlow - kissed and then killed people; robbed Stanley's grandfather

Clyde "Sweet Feet" Livingston - famous baseball player, shoes were stolen

Magnet - camper, Stanley's friend

Sam -

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