Wednesday 27 August 2008

Notes #3

Character List for Holes

Stanley Yelnats (IV) - overweight, gets bullied, sent to Camp Green Lake for stealing sneakers (wrongly accused!)

Zero - doesn't really speak, nobody knows his real name

X-Ray - camper

Elya Yelnats - Stanley's great-great grandfather, "stole a pig" from Mme Zeroni, started the curse

Armpit - mean camper

Mr. Sir - rattlesnake shooter, used to smoke and now eats sunflower seeds, "sheriff" of the camp

*Mr. Pendanski - Stanley's camp (counselor) counsellor

Barfbag - former camper, Stanley sleeps on his smelly bed

Squid -

Zigzag -

Madame Zeroni - one-legged Gypsy, put a curse on the family

Bus guard/bus driver - brought Stanley to camp

The Warden -

Igor - fat pig farmer

*Kissin' Kate Barlow - robber; kisses people and then kills them

*Great-Grandfather (Stanley Yelnats I) - robbed by Kissin' Kate

*Clyde "Sweet-Feet" Livingston - famous baseball player; donates his old sneakers to charity - Stanley was accused of stealing them

Derrick Dunne - bullied Stanley in school

Dad (Stanley III) and Mum - Stanley's parents

Ms. Belle - Stanley's teacher

Myra/Myra's father - "empty-headed" girl that Elya wanted to marry

Sarah Miller - Elya's wife

Madame Zeroni's son - Elya wants to carry him up a hill to break the curse

Judge - "prison or camp" for Stanley

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