Tuesday 23 September 2008

Continue plot summary from yesterday.

  • Zero digs part of Stanley's hole
  • Stanley teaches Zero to read and write
  • Other boys get jealous, get in a fight
  • Zero stops the fight, reading lessons ended
  • Zero hits Mr. Pendanski with a shovel and runs away

Do a plot summary for both subplots.

Making the Movie: you are the director!

A. Setting and atmosphere

  • what is the camp like?
  • how do the boys behave? What is it like when they finish digging holes?
  • How do they treat each other?

B. Characters

  • What are the following people like - personality and appearance
  • Who would play them?
  1. Stanley
  2. Zero
  3. The Warden
  4. Mr. Sir
  5. Mr. Pendanski
  6. The other boys
  7. Sam
  8. Kissin' Kate
  9. Elya
  10. Madame Zeroni
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