Tuesday 02 , Wednesday 03 September 2008

Warm-up exercise ~

Pretend Stanley, at the beginning of the book, was someone you knew. Write a paragraph or two describing him. Be sure to include his physical appearance as well as what his personality is like; for example, how he treats others or how others treat him.

Notes ~

Character - someone in a story

Protagonist - main character (who the story is about)

Antagonist - a character (or characters) opposed to the protagonist (causes conflict)

Character change - how a character develops over the course of the story

Character trait - something that describes a character (also known as a characteristic)


Beginning of book End of book
fat, unlucky, quiet, poor in shape, no longer quiet
bullied, showy, caring, optimistic no longer bullied or greedy
innocent, "Caveman", greedy? strong

How changed:



Beginning of book End of book
illiterate, quiet, fast literate, friendly, stubborn
mysterious, small, empty honest, sad
loner - "dingied", unknown mother ran away (no longer unknown)

How changed:

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