Monday 22 September 2008


Review - what is setting?
Setting is the time and the place where the story occurs.
For Holes -

  • where: Texas, Camp Green Lake
  • when: present time, with other stories set in the past; summer


What is a plot?
Plot is what happens in the story.

Subplots are stories within the story.
Holes has two major subplots:

  1. Madame Zeroni and Elya Yelnats
  2. Sam the Onion Man and Kissin' Kate Barlow

Plot summary of Holes:

  • Stanley accused of stealing shoes
  • convicted and sent to Camp Green Lake
  • meets campers, Mr. Pendanski, and Mr. Sir
  • forced to dig a large hole every day
  • finds a gold lipstick tube that says "KB" (initials of Kissin' Kate)
  • Stanley figures out that they are digging for treasure
  • Magnet steals sunflower seeds, Stanley gets blamed
  • Warden slaps Mr. Sir
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