Mr. Curtin at a glance

This is my first year here at Stranraer Academy, and indeed my first year teaching in Scotland. It is my third year teaching; before this, I was living with some very interesting people in Providence, Rhode Island - a small city about 60 miles southwest of Boston.

Originally I'm from Albany, NY - it's the capital of New York State, but it's about a two hour drive north of New York City. I attended the University at Albany for my undergraduate degree in English. I took year-long break in formal education to work in Ireland, and then headed back to the states for graduate school at the University of Southern Maine.

So, obviously I'm American; this pertains directly to my teaching primarily in how I will spell, pronounce, and communicate things. There will likely be an adjustment period of a week or two for me to get used to the way you speak and for you to get used to how I speak.

In addition to reading, music, art, beekeeping, and the wide variety of other activities I enjoy, one of my favorite things to do is travel and experience new ideas and new cultures. This was my main reason for leaving the States and coming to Stranraer; not only did I like the school when I came to visit, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to teach in a different part of the world. Life can be as interesting and as exciting as you make it.

I spent most of this past summer in Ireland, primarily around Dublin — with a trip to Paris and a few trips to Scotland thrown in. I haven't been to the States since the end of May, and I miss my family and my friends back home. But I'll be back for a couple weeks in December, and I have a pretty serious queue of people coming over to visit - so I think I'll be alright.

I spent the last weekend before school started in Glasgow for the World Pipe Band Championship . I went to see my friend Andrew, who plays for the Simon Fraser University band - and they took first place!

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