Wednesday 08 October 2008

We will finish "Children of the Corn" on Friday.
And now, back to…

Speculative Fiction

Things one might see in speculative fiction:

  • advanced technology
  • catastrophic events
  • set in the future
  • set in made-up worlds
  • the supernatural

Why do people write speculative fiction?

  • to show the possible consequences of modern society
  • to illustrate a way things could be done
  • to entertain (frighten, etc)
  • to explore themes and ideas which aren't easily found in reality (e.g. the consequences of time travel, what it means to be human, the depths to which people can sink, etc)

What are some of the advantages of speculative fiction?

What are some of the disadvantages?

In what way is Z for Zachariah speculative fiction? How does this help the author to explore his ideas? Would it work in a more realistic setting?

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