Tuesday 30 September 2008

Point of View

First Person

Main character is telling the story about himself or herself; it is the character's perspective. (e.g. I, me, mine)


  • personal thoughts
  • feelings
  • engages the reader more
  • makes it more realistic


  • only get one side of the story
  • only about one or two people; limited in scope
  • we are forced to take the narrator's word for things; may not be reliable

Third Person

Narrator is telling the story about another person or persons. (e.g. he, she, they, etc.)


  • different sides of the story (more than one perspective)
  • unlimited in scope
  • narrator can be trusted more

Disadvantages :

  • feelings aren't as strong or make as much of an impact
  • less detailed
  • not as easy to get involved with
  • reader doesn't feel engaged with the story
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