Tuesday 26 August 2008

Today, as a warm-up for more complex evidence-gathering, we will be looking at the setting of Z for Zachariah.

Set up your paper in two columns.
On the first one, the topic is going to be setting; the various quotes you find will all be describing the general layout of the town and the surrounding areas. Look for clues regarding the geographical location of the town as well.
Things to look for:

  • physical features (hills, ridges, streams, ponds, etc.)
  • streets and roads
  • buildings/building names
  • clues about land use (e.g. chicken yard = ?)

The second column should be left blank for the time being; normally it would be commentary on why you copied down what you did. However, since we're all looking for setting clues, it's not necessary.
There will be a second activity to follow.

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