Thursday 09 October 2008

Examining Theme Across Works

Both the novel Z for Zachariah and the film "Threads" address the issue of nuclear war and its effects on society.

In a well-developed essay, address the following.

1. How does Robert C. O'Brien address the theme of nuclear war and its consequences in his novel Z for Zachariah?

2. How do the filmmakers behind "Threads" address the theme of nuclear war and its consequences?

3. Which approach is most effective - that in "Threads" or that in Z for Zachariah? How do the authors communicate their intentions? Which appeals to you more?


How do the writers differ in their treatment of the issue?
Which work is more effective in demonstrating the effects and consequences of nuclear war? Why do you think this - i.e. what appealed to you about each of the works, and why.

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