Thursday 20 November 2008

Body Paragraphs

Paragraph two:

The second way that Lily builds up to the turning point is going into the shop to buy paraffin:
' "How much is a gallon of paraffin?" Lily asked, as casually as possible.'
Paraffin is a fuel that Lily can use to start a fire and burn down her flat.

Paragraph three:

One way that this is important for the character is that it will allow her to move house:
'If you are lacking some basic amenity, like a clean water supply or electricity, it would be easier to push a transfer through.'
If her house has been burned, they will give her a new one.

Paragraph four:
Another way this is important for the character is that it will allow Sammy to forget his bad experience:
'My son's not well. He's in hospital. He had a terrible shock.'
Maybe if her son had somewhere else to stay when he comes out of hospital it would help him to forget about it.

Sample paragraph:
How does the story build up to a turning point?

The Conclusion

  • say how you answered the question - USE THE WORDS FROM THE QUESTION, repeat title and author
  • give a personal response - did you like the story, did you think it was interesting, did you like the characters, etc.

Our conclusion:
In the story 'Snakes and Ladders' by Dilys Rose, there is an important turning point which is important for the character Lily. [ ADD YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSE HERE]

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