Thursday 02 October 2008

How to Edit Web Pages

1. The way pages look to people is different from what the computer sees
2. The computer does exactly what you tell it to do; it does not care if you've made a mistake or not
3. Editing a page forces you to see it as the computer does

for example:
computer sees *, you see bullet points

  • = bullet points

computer sees #, you see numbers

  1. like
  2. this
  3. make
  4. a number list

Specific instructions you will be giving the computer

followed by means to ignore formatting (formating = what you tell the computer)
for example:

  • bullet point

* ignores the bullet point command


(include a space after) Makes it very big, bold, and green

Makes it big, bold, and blue-green

Makes it big and green

Makes it bold and sligtly bigger

Makes it bold

+Word (no space) confuses the computer and it doesn't change.

bold text has two stars on either side
italic text has two slashes on either side
underlined text has two underscores on either side
<URL> has two brackets on either side, the word image followed by a space, and the URL of the image itself
for example:
1. find an image
2. copy the URL (web address)
3. enter command: koala450j.jpg [[image http://www.....jpg, jpeg, bmp]]

three brackets links to a page called "three brackets"
for example:
classes links to the "classes" page

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