1 October

Creative writing: point-of-view

  1. Choose a part of the book where there is some interaction between Ann and Mr. Loomis. Re-read it to yourself and take down notes about what happens to use as a reference.
  2. Think about what Ann includes and excludes from her diary. Consider how Loomis might see these same events.
  3. Write a journal entry for the events as Loomis. Make sure you use the same format; date, time of day (if applicable), and how long it's been since the event took place - for example, if it happened while he was sick, it might be a week or two before he gets the chance to record it.


  1. Should cover the entire chapter or chapters you chose; will probably end up being a minimum of 2-3 pages.
  2. Decide how reliable Ann is as a narrator. Is her description of events accurate? Does she give a fair account of Loomis - both his actions and his personality? Is there anything you feel you should change about what she has said?
  3. Use first person narrative; remember, you are writing as John Loomis. Think about his personality and other information revealed about him through the book.
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