Tuesday 30 September 2008

Today we are going to continue with the parts of speech lesson from last week…

Thursday and Friday -
Thursday - common nouns: words you use every day
proper nouns: names for specific things (get CAPITAL letters)
pronouns: are words that are substituted for other nouns
example: The cat went to sleep because it was sleepy.
Susie and I went to the movies and we really enjoyed it.
My mother likes the blanket; it is her favourite.
other examples: their, our, they, everyone, she, him

Friday - library


Adjectives are words which describe nouns ("things").

examples: red, blue, smooth, blank, hard, soft, ugly, rough, lumpy, fluffy, full, empty, bumpy, geeky

Sensory language

Adjectives which appeal to the five senses.
Five senses:

  • sight - clear, blurry, blank, brown, green
  • hearing - loud, quiet, soft
  • taste - sour, sick, sweet, minty, delicious, spicy
  • touch - soft, solid, bouncy, fluffy, delicate, rough, lumpy, slimy
  • smell - dougy, stinky, nice, watery, exotic, tropical, fresh, delicate
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